Rae Coming Down

Rae dropping on branches
Wetting the ground
Don’t wash away
Old words written down

Firelight kissing the sky
Velvet voice not a cover
Shadow man is waiting and watching
Praying he’s your lover

Can’t you see it everyday?
You see everything in grey
Dark are your colors
Once bright and bold
Now faded away
Fight it off and keep it at bay

Soft and feminine it floats by
Silvery wings ready to fly
Good and evil all wrapped into one
Bending to kiss you in the evening sun

Sairy in flight gliding east
Barely touching the ground
Stirring of the waters
Rippling round and round

Can’t you feel it everyday?
You fight trying to run away
Does it have to hurt to stay?
Does it have to be that way?

Hair that’s soft and sweet
Trailing near your feet
Enticing and entrancing
Flowing with your dancing
You are his perfection
And a nice reflection
For my eye

Gazing out the window
Watching lives go by
I had a strange notion
Are you about to cry?

Back by popular request.......he he he...... :)

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